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9 January 2012

Armor I - Byzantium I

1) 10th century
2) 10th-12th century
3-4) 14th century

Gauntlet I

1) These Gauntlets belonged to Prince Philip of Spain and were made by Lucio Piccinino, Master armorer of Milan, 1590
2) 1557
3) 1590, Milan
4) 1490
5) 1600

2 January 2012

House IV - Crannog I

Crannog is the name given to the stilt-houses found in Scotland and Ireland. Unlike the palafito, crannogs are usually round. They tended to be built on artificial islands, some of which are the only evidence that crannogs existed there.

1) The Bartlett Map
2) Scottish Towns
4-5) Patrick Mead

House IV - Palafito II

1-2) Italy (Lago di Braies and Lago di Ledro)
3) Sri Lanka
4) Italy?

House III - Palafito I

Palafito are also known as 'stilt-houses', which are normally built on lakes, rivers and seashores. They are common thoughout the world in places with large bodies of water and, when properly built, had the bonus of being next to a food source and offering protection due to their height and natural moat.

The country Venezuela means "Little Venice", a name they probably got from their use of palafitos.

1-2) Chile
3-4) Burma