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5 August 2011

Dragons III - Manuscipts and Tapestries

1) From Brief Discoours by Samuel De Champlain, c. 1598

"There are also dragons of strange shape, having a head approaching to that of an eagle, wings like a bat, a body like a lizard and only two rather large feet, the tail somewhat scaly; and they are as large as a sheep, but are not dangerous, and do no harm to anybody, though to see them one would say the contrary."

2) From Silos Apocalypse by Beatus of LiƩbana, c. 1100
3) 15th century medieval tapestry
4) Persian book
5) Illuminate choral book, c. 1000
6) From an astrological manuscript
7) Beowulf?
8) From Textus Roffensis, 12th century

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