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23 November 2012

Dinosaur I - Stegosauria

Stegosauria meaning "roof lizard", all have special bones called osteoderms along their backs, which develop into plates or spines. The spines on the tail are called thagomizers. There's debate as to whether the plates on their backs were purely for defense or whether they were also a cooling system.

Most Stegosauria have been discovered in China. They're from the Jurassic and early Cretaceous periods.

1) Gigantospinosaurus (China)
2) Huayangosaurus (China)
3) Chialangosaurus (China)
4) Chungkingosaurus (China)
5) Dacentrurus (UK, France, Spain)
6) Hesperosaurus (USA)
7) Miragia (Portugal)
8) Monkosaurus (Tibet, China)
9) Wuerhosaurus (China)
10) Kentrosaurus (Tanzania)
11) Stegosaurus (USA)
12) Tuojiangosaurus (China)

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